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Full Chromas Bundle

$118.99 $230.90

Discounted Full Chroma Bundle with Chroma Saw, Chroma Tides, Chroma Fang, Chroma Slasher, Chroma Heat, Chroma Gingerblade, Chroma Boneblade, Chroma Gemstone, Chroma Seer, Chroma Deathshard, Chroma Darkbringer, Chroma Lightbringer, Chroma Luger, Chroma Laser, Chroma Shark.

After a successful purchase, you will be automatically redirected to a page to enter your ROBLOX username and be prompted to join our private server in MM2. You will then see an invitation for a trade(s) to receive your items. If you're confused, please watch the video at the top of our home page!